week ending 15 May 2015

Solar Brighton Wind turbines and solar panels have helped Shoreham Harbour to retain its eco-port status. The port has planning permission to put up two wind turbines which will produce enough energy to power the pump house. And more solar panels are due to be installed in addition to the 2,000 already generating electricity at […]

week ending 8 May 2015

Local Energy Alan Simpson: During the election campaign Elon Musk launched his domestic-scale battery storage system for home-produced electricity. It doesn’t matter whether this turns out to be the ultimate answer or not. It is a game changer. Marketed in conjunction with WalMart in the US, and partnering with Lichtblick in Germany, Musk aims to […]

week ending 1 May 2015

Energy Storage Tesla, the maker of luxury electric cars, has unveiled a series of batteries that will allow homes and businesses to store renewable energy, as it attempts to solve a major challenge facing the transition to the low carbon economy. Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder and chief executive, made the much anticipated announcement last night, […]

week ending 24 April 2015

Community Wind Point and Sandwick Community Wind Farm is taking shape at Beinn Ghrideag this week. Two of the three turbines have now been successfully erected.

week ending 17 April 2015

Energy Efficiency What if you could change your decades-old house into a modern, comfortable, energy-efficient home in less than ten days without having to move out or pay extra? Does it sound too good to be true? That’s exactly what a consortium of construction companies and social housing corporations are doing in the Netherlands. The […]